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Toshiba Satellite E200 SE Review | Pinoy Tech Blog

Toshiba Satellite E200 SE Review | Pinoy Tech Blog - The Philippines' Longest-running Technology Blog

Allow me to share with you what’s inside this full 14″ laptop. First up, it weighs 2.24kg with battery included; it comes with a standard webcam, a full keyboard with dedicated touch buttons on the right side. The touch buttons on the right consist of the Power button and six others below it –  a configurable one, the keyboard backlight switch, multimedia and the volume controls.

This laptop is curvy and shiny all over, you can almost use it as mirror. The touchpad is finished with a matte overlay while the left and right-click buttons below it are quite huge than what I normally want.

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What is a Cameradrivers.msi and where do I download it?

During the installation of my new Officejet 8500 a909a the installation wizard stopped and asked for the path and folder location of Cameradrivers.msi.  The installation wizard wanted to look in a TEMP folder it had created.  Installation halts waiting for this information.  If I cancel out of it, it kills the installation and produces very limited access to the Officejet's capabilities.

This Officejet 8500 is being connected using ethernet connections in a peer to peer network of 6 other computers in a Windows XP Home environment.  I have searched all of the file and folders on my workstation for reference to this MSI executable. I have searched the system reg (REGEDIT) for this MSI executable.  I have downloaded the drivers and software for my past and current digital cameras and my web cam looking for this executable .... nothing, anywhere. I purchased this Officejet last Monday and had different installation problems each evening that I attempt to install the software.  I have contacted HP Total Care On-Line Chat for solutions each evening and spent anywhere from 1/2 to 2 hours on line with them, with 0 (ZERO) results.  Sometimes Google searches will yield results, other times playing with the issue with produce progress.  The most successful results have been from a level 4 uninstall found on the CD that came with the AIO.  I am now able to get this piece of system (POS) about 96% of the way through the installation before it fails. What is this installation software looking for and where do I find it. 

System information: OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 55 Stepping 2 Authentic AMD ~2202 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 0229, 5/29/2007
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"
Total Physical Memory 3,072.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 2.28 GB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
Page File Space 4.34 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

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This file should usually be located in the location 'setup\Cameradrivers', and you'll find this in the installation CD. If you're trying to install from the dwonloaded file, then click on Start>Run and type "%temp%" without quotes and press OK. In the folder that opens, look for a folder named 7zS or HP, and open it, and you should find the 'setup' folder along with a 'util' folder. You can copy the Cameradrivers folder onto your desktop and point this error window to this location.

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Greetings DexterM,

Thank you for your suggestion.  I have looked for the folders you suggested using the process outlined, I found the Setup and Util folders but the Cameradrivers folder was not in either of the locations.

I believe I did find a resolution to my problem:

Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

After removing the Cameradrivers.msi using this cleanup utility, the installation finished fine.

Thank you for your help.

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I have an HP C3180. When it was installed on another computer somehow I installed the wrong spftware/drivers. I reinstalled the right ones using a downloaded file (from HP) of the drivers etc. and the printer now works. However there seems to be something that was not correctly uninstalled becasuse now each time I boot the computer it asks for the Cameradrivers CD. As I have no such CD I can't respond. After three such cancelled requests the demand stops. However I want to kill this startup request. How can I do that? Somewhere there is an HP file that initiates this, and I need to stop it! I look forward to the solution :-)

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Need help removing windows.old

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I've used the uninstall facility in the add/remove Windows Features (in Control Panel|Programs|Programs and Features) to remove my windows.old folder, and after a reboot, the folder still exists. Kinda.

There is still a path to a single installed app setting from XP (C:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings\Pete\Application Data\SecuROM), which I think was related to a CD/DVD security provider tool.

But when I use explorer or Opus to try and remove the folder, I start getting strange "unterminated string" kinds of errors (lots of garbage characters in the error dialog buried under the C:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings\ folder structure), using both explorer itself and with Opus.

It's no longer available in my Programs and Features list, so obviously this is only a partially removed situation.

If anyone can offer some ideas to help figure out where the problem is and how to fix it, I'd much appreciate the help.
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Command prompt elevated level and type:

cacls c:\Windows.old /T /G Everyone:F
rmdir /s /q c:\Windows.old

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Well this should take care of it. If not

here are tools that can surely help you

Avenger v2

File assasin



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Good News: Oftentimes a simple thank you is the best form of payment!

windows 7 ultimate 64bit Blue Screen Error (0x50)

hi .. im using win7 64bit ultimate os ... my hardware details : intel core 2 quad processor Q8200 2.33ghz
4 gb kingston 800MHZ ram { dual channel }
gigabyte G31 M S2L motherboard
20" samsung widescreen
hitachi 500gb hdd { 7,500 rpm }
1gb nvidia 9500gt graphic card
iball model-LPE223-400 power supply

i have faced blue screen error problem while i was using win vista ultimate 32 bit  and it was very frequent lik every half hour .. even though i had purchased quick heal total internet security2010 a/v i found 1400 infections using bit defender2009 a/v from my friend .  so i formatted my whole hdd and got win7  64bit ultimate i update my windows almost daily or whenever updates are available . and i got blue screen error twice in 2 weeks after installation . i posted my problems in many forums but i felt like eveyone is trying to just experiment randomly that's why im literally fed up of BSOD's AND ASKING HELP ... please let me know with all necessary info. i should provide you so that we can get  rid of my problem once in for all ...

** STOP: 0*00000050 (0*FFFFF900C22127AQ , 0*0000000000000000, 0*FFFFF960006BDC51 , 0*0000000000000000 )
** cdd.dll - address FFFFF96000600C51 BASE AT FFFFF960006B0000 , DATESTAMP 4a5bde94

and ya both the time i got BSOD's i was playing game { counter strike on lan and internet } im not that much of high tech guy so normally i use downloading and small known software i use along with avg as my a/v

Cdd.dll is the Windows "Canonical Display Driver".
I think it could be your display driver.  Try updating it.
Otherwise, it would probably be the game software.  See if the game has been certified for Windows 7.

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Since the BSOD occurs on both Windows Vista and Windows 7, it can be a hardware related problem.
Besides the BIOS, please also update chipset and VGA driver from GIGABYTE site as below:

If the issue persists, to solid troubleshoot this kind of kernel crash issue, we need to debug the crashed system dump and analyze the related source code if needed. Unfortunately, debugging is beyond what we can do in the forum. I'd like to recommend that you contact Microsoft Customer Support Service (CSS) for assistance so that this problem can be resolved efficiently. To obtain the phone numbers for specific technology request please take a look at the web site listed below:

If you are outside the US please see for regional support phone numbers.

Hope it helps!

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 ** STOP: 0*00000050 (0*FFFFF900C22127AQ , 0*0000000000000000, 0*FFFFF960006BDC51 , 0*0000000000000000 )
** cdd.dll - address FFFFF96000600C51 BASE AT FFFFF960006B0000 , DATESTAMP 4a5bde94

I had troubleshot the same stop code before referring to the same dll file lately. I updated the bios and reinstalled the driver of gpu and it took care of it. check for the latest bios release from your manufacturer's website as well as the latest video driver. I hope you resolve your issue.

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My Windows 7 Beta Bug List

Hello All,

I will write here what bugs I find in windows 7 bets and will update the list when find new bugs

Bugs I found:

1. If IPv6 is disabled and I leave my current HomeGroup, then cannot be created new HomeGroup intil IPv6 is enabled again
2. HomeGroup settings under Share libraries and printers sections cannot be saved, so I cannot check how they works and whehter they works at all. I tryed different ways/dialogs to save them but it is not possible
3. Windows Explorer cannot open ftp sites and shows message that there is not enough privileges to access ftp site, but that is not true
4. IE8 runs each page as separate proces, but if current tab freeze and I close it from task manager all instances of IE8 are closed
5. IE8 stores last browsing sesion only of last instance closed, that is useless
6. WMP 12 is auto imported 3gp and mpg video files, but not shows previes for them
7. WMP 12 is auto imported in video library 3gp files but WMP cannot play them
8. WMP 12 is auto imported in picture libraty 17 354 pictures(this number I see if drag them in list) and it freeze and even crash if I try to open pictures library or to do something with pics in library.
9.Items count in WMP 12 libraries is unknown
10. If I resume from sleep all is working as before to goes in sleep except that network and sharing center cannot be oppened and when I click on dysplay icon near system clock in addition of network there is second entry that says identifying that is ovbiously frozen and stays until reboot
11. If some program hangs close program function on taskbar button does not work
12. If show desktop items is not cheked gadgest are added to desktop but are hidden and nothig shows the something is done. After I enabled desktop items after a lot of cliks my desktp was full with gadgets tha I had to remove manually one by one
13. WMP 12 64 bit look like 16:9, but WMP 12 32 looks like 4:3
14. In WMP 12 I cannot find the way to open only with mouse file and options manu from now playing view, but even and with help of KB is is very hard to be done
15. In WNP 12 If I switch to info center view while movie is playing, reverting to no visualization leave screen blank until movie is paused and resumed or stopped and resumed
16. In WMP 12 If I swith to info center fiew while in now playng mode after movie is finished I see movie preview windows on top on web page and even can move WMP 12 when I drag this windows
17. If some process freeze in Windows 7 it is not detected/reported by freezed by task manager as in old Windows OS and stay freezed until it be manually killed or system is rebooted
18. If IE8 download finish download dialog always goes in background, no matter that it may be foreground window
19. In IE8 active/current tab cannot be distinguished among other tabs
20. Weather gadget does not work if my regional settings are set to Bulgarian.
21. I cannot paste files using mouse right button if window is full with file, because there is not free space where to click on
22. WM_SETTINGCHANGE is not send when regional settings are changed
23. When command prompt is in full screen last line where cursor is, is under task bar when screen is full with text
24. When I run some program, and when it appear on task bar I pin it to task bar. When I close it and try to start it from task bar button it gives error and does not run until I set Start in directory path manually
25. Keyboard does not appear in devices and printers
26. Double click of device in devices and printers opens properties instead of settings
27. Webdav does not work, probably related to bug 3. I can open location via IE8
28. IE8 frquently display errors like: When a website causes a failure or crash, Internet Explorer attempts to restore the site. It stops after two tries to avoid an endless loop . Other error I got was that this forum website is blocked by DEP :) caused by some plugin
29. I can access homegroup from computer connected to LAN and running windows xp without password
30. When share some category in homegroup settings(some times it works but there no recurrency) users folder is shared as read only for everyone
31. Only printer that I shared manually from hardware and devices can be managed via homegroup sharing options
32. Setup I made for some of my programs that uses NSIS installer report architecture of W7 x64 as x86 instead of AMD64
33. When in IE8 I want to paste some text and I get message that ask me to allow or not, no matter what button I press it paste text, that means it allows access
34. I can access files shered from W7 for homegroup from xp based computer without need to supply homegroup password
35. In IE8 when I click few times on link that cause IE8 current tab to crash and auto recovery, IE8 issues message that it refuse to auto recover this tab anymore, so I am forced to press refresh manually
36. Reliability monitor is missing
37. I drag and drop my documents and computer from right site of start menu(colored) to left side of start menu
(white) and now I cannot unpin them. They will stay forever there
38. All toolbars I add to taskbar appear at right of language bar, and I cannot swap their positions easy dragging them. If I play long enough they swap somehow, but I have no idea how
39. New file extension cannot be registered, and program cannot be assigned for not registered file extension, because list with file extensions cannot be edited
40 When TWAIN scaner driver is installed, scanner is reported as working as in devives and printers as well in device manager, but any try to use it result in error message saying that scenner is not found. Problem is solved with WIA driver
41. If I want to map network drive, and I click browse button, browsw dialog freeze and I need to wait a lot before to be able to select folder
43. If network share is mapped and credentials for connection are stored, it ask each time for password if folder where file is copied require UAC confirmation
44. DNS suffix list works only for single level sub domains.
45. Pop-up notification area balloons displayed on system load did not point to correct notification area icon, because of shift of icons. My super duper desktop clock G-Clock, loads first and pop-up balloon, but then are displayed system icons and G-Clock icon is shifted left. but balloon stay still that makes it to point to incorrect notification area icon
46. Deleted files always goes in recycle bin, even if moving files to recycle bin is disabled
47. Disabling plug-ins from IE8 plug-ins settings does not work.
48. WMP 12 have not enhancements or I cannot find way to show them.
49. My shell extension that is context menu handler registered for directory background is not working inside library folders if I open them by clicking on library links, but works if I browse to same folder starting from drive root

Windows 7 Black Screen After Login, no Desktop Show Up

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Hi everybody, I'm having trouble with my Windows 7 right now, it's an ultimate version, I just shut it off last night and opened it up this morning. Everything seems to be normal until I logged in to my user. The old things happened after that, only the black screen showed up and an window pop up which shows "my computer" the mouse can be moved regularly.
I tried several ways to get it back to normal:
reboot and login to safe mode.
change the resolution and multiple monitor settings.
uninstall and reinstall the graphic driver.
ctrl+alt+del will allow me go to the regular screen which I could go to the task manager, switch user, lock the pc, signoff, change pass word, and reboot or restart etc.
I ended the "dwm.exe" in process which would not work.

That window seems like the only hope I could access the computer which pop up everytime I reboot.

I can use that pop up window to go online and go control panel and all that, I can also run all the program just like normal. Everythings sames normal besides I cannot get the normal screen, no starup, no destop icons, no quick lunch. I could change my background picture, but I cannot use right click on the background.

Does anybody know how to solve this? I really don't want to reinstall the Windows again which I just did a week ago.
I will appreciate any solution to this problem.


Friday, December 04, 2009 10:58 AMBrian Grunkemeyer - MSFT Users MedalsUsers MedalsUsers MedalsUsers MedalsUsers Medals
This isn't an authoritative answer - I've just had this problem, sifted through the initial bogus media coverage, found a solution, and started speculating on the real cause.

Here's a workaround for the problem, though this company mis-diagnosed the problem (it wasn't an ACL problem).  This fix is opaque and comes from a third party, but it fixed the problem for me:
Note their fix is an exe and they don't tell you what it does.  I appreciate that they are helping, but they should fully disclose their fix so at least advanced users can have confidence in their good intentions.

Here's a better possible reason for why the problem occurred (a registry key telling Windows which shell to run on login was corrupted - a REG_SZ key was missing a '\0'.  Sounds somewhat plausible, but the fishy part is what caused that?):

My symptoms & observations:
I ran into this problem on a Win7 laptop that was upgraded from Windows Vista Ultimate.  I log in, get a black screen, and Windows never proceeds to setting up my desktop, etc (ie, Windows never launches explorer).  Running the fixing tool from Prevx did solve the problem, however their diagnosis for the cause of the problem was wrong (their initial hypothesis was the ACL's were incorrect and implied Windows Update patches broke it, but that was wrong.  They followed up with the non-null-terminated string hypothesis).  Before running Prevx's tool, the registry key existed, RegEdit visually displayed the expected value (explorer.exe), and the ACL's were fine.  Yet, of course, I couldn't successfully log in. 

My pure speculation about the cause:
So if the missing '\0' hypothesis is correct, and if the Prevx tool deletes & recreates the value in the registry key, obviously that should fix the problem.  (FYI - look at the MSDN docs for RegSetValueEx for a note about the lpData parameter needing a '\0'.)  But that doesn't explain how the value got messed up in the first place - I don't go around removing terminating zeros from REG_SZ values for fun nor profit.  Sounds like either random corruption, or more likely, something wanted to run something when Windows boots then incorrectly undid their change to the registry. 

I saw that some MS security folks suggested this could be caused by malware (  Operating under that hypothesis, I ran Forefront on Wednesday using the current signatures, but it didn't report anything.  That may not spot a novel virus or rootkit, of course.

Another wild guess - perhaps the act of installing certain classes of patches could cause the problem, due to a (hypothetical) bug in Windows Update.  Windows Update does something on boot up to configure patches, and it looks like this happens after login but before Explorer is running.  Perhaps Windows Update itself could be editing this registry key to replace the shell with another program that configures patches (or options to explorer.exe?), then replaces the registry key again to point back to explorer after patches have been installed?  If that's how it works (which is a big guess), then maybe when WU restores the registry key value to explorer.exe, it doesn't reset this reg key appropriately on Win7.  Of course, I would have expect to see a bad value for this reg key in RegEdit if this were the case.  I didn't - perhaps there were some unprintable characters in the string, or I've empirically shot down my own wild guess. 

Note - my problem occurred on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine that was upgraded from Vista Ultimate.  Perhaps something during upgrade may have introduced some registry corruption that didn't show up until another value in the registry was changed later? 

BTW, to confirm the fix & narrow down this fix, perhaps someone w/ a broken machine can reboot into Safe Mode, run RegEdit, delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell then recreate the Shell key as a REG_SZ key, with the value explorer.exe.  If that works, that could help confirm the cause and allow us to give standalone instructions for a fix that we can have more confidence in (as opposed to telling people to run an exe from a third party).